Saint Ergo is a cinematic, modern-contemporary music experience with soundscapes that will shake your hips and break your soul. Joanna is the force behind the project that forges a unique fusion of R&B and baroque pop. You can feel the lived experience that we share as human beings within every song.

"You can feel the lived experience that we share as human beings within every song."

The common thread has always been about the journey of connection, inclusivity and the struggle for relevance as a creative within our greater society. Whether that be an exploration of gender, sexuality, power imbalance, the mystical or the mundane, the music goes where the art leads, with whatever instrumentation is necessary.

Saint Ergo is an artists name that Joanna gives to her work and this art is a reflection of the journey of self discovery. A human experience of living with mental illness, neuro-diversity and the euphoria of gender expression. Is this a disability or different ability? If we struggle to be welcomed as a participant in society, does this make us disabled or is society excluding those it deems as unworthy.



Joanna has performed live in countless gigs and venues around Victoria. They appeared on Australian national television on the reality TV show “The X-Factor” where the judges, Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert all said terribly nice things about her. She has also performed in professional musicals, written and recorded for other people’s music projects and released music under a previous name.

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